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06.18.20 - Makeway Culture

Black Lives Matter: Doing Our Part

black lives matter text
Black Lives Matter.

It’s not only a statement we believe and support but a transformational movement we are committed to advancing.

The senseless killings of George Floyd and other Black Americans have touched off a difficult but much-needed and long-overdue conversation around racism and systemic injustices in this country. But we have to go beyond conversations and take meaningful actions on this defining human rights issue.

At Makeway, we’ve reflected inwardly and thought deeply about how we can do our part to make a better and more inclusive world for everyone. We’re standing together with our BIPOC peers, clients, and partners while recognizing we can do more to be a catalyst for change.

BIPOC voices are needed everywhere, and especially in our industry where the vast majority of designers are white. This is unacceptable for a community that emphasizes innovation and cutting-edge thinking. The fact is, ethnic and racial diversity bring about a diversity of experiences, perspectives, ideas, and creativity.

Because hate and systemic inequality permeate the digital space just like the physical world, digital advertising is an important platform for BIPOC voices. For an industry that works to help clients communicate their values, we ought to be doing a better job of looking within our own organizations. We need to check unconscious biases, commit to diversity in hiring, and proactively source work from outside our usual circles. We’ll need buy-in from hiring managers, senior designers, and, really, everyone.

Fighting for justice and economic equality is a long-term commitment and, as a small business, we’re doing our part to end systemic racism and bias that exists in our industry. Our team is devoted to building a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. We’ll be proactively opposing racism and continuing to find ways to become more inclusive.


What We’re Doing

The more these conversations and initiatives are highlighted, the more prevalence they have within our own organization and our industry at large. We believe that a statement is only as powerful as the actions we take and, for Makeway, this is about a wholehearted, long-term commitment to a more diverse and inclusive workplace, industry, and world.

We hope you’ll keep us accountable in the fight to combat racism and that you’ll do what you can to support the cause. Not just today, tomorrow, and next week, but in perpetuity. Because there’s no finish line. This is truly an ongoing commitment to live by each and every day.

❤️ Makeway