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Brand Identities

We’ve been fortunate enough over the years to not only work with
some really great brands–but to create them too. Here’s a selection
of some of that work.

Nalgene Sustain®

A new technology that allowed Nalgene to create a plastic bottle with 50% recycled material required an alternate logo for the bottle in order to help communicate that. Enter Nalgene Sustain® and it’s revised water/leaf icon.

GOG Foundation

The GOG Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the standard of care in gynecologic oncology. They needed a brand that represented the important work of transformative research in gynecologic malignancies.

Root 31 Cafe & Eatery

Guided by principles of sustainability and committed to offering only the finest and freshest food to their customers, Root 31 Cafe & Eatery needed an identity that matched the quality of their food. This naming and branding project has done just that.

The Strathallan Hotel

Since it’s debut, the Strathallan has become one of the most recognizable brands in the region. The Strathallan approached Makeway for a brand that was timeless, modern, and distinctly unique. The logo physically appears hundreds of times at the hotel and provides guests with a brand identity that matches the hotel’s charisma.

Colie’s Cafe & Eatery

After an owner buy-out situation, Colie’s Cafe needed a refreshed look. The elegant word mark in contrast to the old logo helped guests understand it was not only under new ownership but had a new, delicious menu as well.

Westlawn School

A small school, different by design—Westlawn has changed the lives of both students and parents with it’s unique approach to education that fosters independence, curiosity, and individual growth in students who are twice exceptional.