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05.05.20 - Marketing

Client Feature: Pro-Tech

image from Pro-tech website, snow plow in the snow

Is your brand living up to its potential?

At Makeway, our passion for maximizing brands through technology and design borders on obsession. When we’re entrusted with a brand, we don’t take it lightly.

One of our favorite campaigns for a longtime client, Pro-Tech, proves that even the most legendary products can use a breath of fresh air sometimes.

And their Fusion Edge Sno Pusher is nothing short of legendary. Seriously.

image from Pro-tech website of book open on a table 

This baby changed the snow removal industry when the original was invented in 1992. The name Sno Pusher became synonymous with the product category in the same way “Kleenex” stands in for the word “tissues.” And thanks to unmatched quality, reliability, and durability, it’s the best-selling snow plow in North America. Basically, it dominates snow and the competition.

But after getting overshadowed by other new product launches, Pro-Tech decided that their original Rubber Edge Sno Pusher needed a moment back in the spotlight.

“We wanted to go in the direction of celebrating 25 years of success. To let that product shine again, because it’s the product that grew our company into what it is today.”— Ryan Marino, Marketing Manager, Pro-Tech

We launched a three-month campaign to solidify the Rubber Edge Sno Pusher’s market position and remind customers why it’s the top-selling plow in North America.

We created a microsite and an eblast. And we used bold headlines in print and digital to grab the customer’s attention.

image from Pro-tech website with an open book/magazine with yellow background

Our throwback video set in the early 1990s was the focal point, driving viewers to the campaign microsite where they could learn more and make a purchase.

The nostalgic video tells a compelling story of humble beginnings and hard work. It underscores Pro-Tech’s longstanding commitment to the industry, positions the company as the undisputed leader in snow plows, and highlights the features of the Rubber Edge Sno Pusher. And, perhaps most importantly, it creates an emotional connection with the brand (and definitely some jealousy over that dude’s flowing locks).

Screenshot of Pro-tech's website showing snow plow and snow plow features

The hugely successful campaign also incorporated retargeted ads to users who viewed the product online, and an easy-to-use dealer locator module to quickly connect customers to their nearest Pro-Tech dealer.

Another fun wrinkle: Because the majority of Pro-Tech’s customers are on the go and working from their vehicles, it was critical that the microsite and e-blast were optimized for mobile devices.

Our client achieved everything they hoped for and more with the Rubber Edge Sno Pusher campaign:

And the Sno Pusher retains its throne in the realm of snow plowing.

“We’ve always felt we’re the leaders for marketing in our industry.”— Ryan Marino, Marketing Manager, Pro-Tech

image showing 3 mobile views of Pro-tech website

It was truly fun to take a renowned brand and tell a real story that people connect with. To harken back to humble beginnings. And to do a little bragging about a product that quite literally changed an industry. All while we continued marketing new and different products for Pro-Tech.

We couldn’t have done it without a level of familiarity and deep appreciation for the company and its brand, products, industry, and customers.

No two clients, brands, or campaigns are alike, but collaboration is the one constant. We like to say that when it comes to the brands in our care, we don’t just work hard for our clients. We work hard with them.

We love what we do, mostly because we respect and enjoy the brands we work with as much as the people and passion behind them.

Is your brand all it can be? Drop us a line to find out. We’d love to talk about how Makeway can strengthen your business.