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02.01.21 - Makeway Culture

The Makeway Process

How the Magic Happens

Making a nice website or designing a touch screen is not as easy as saying abracadabra. That’d be cool though…

In reality, a lot of thoughtful planning and hard work go into any digital project. And, for as much pride as we take in the final product, we feel the magic really happens with the process.

Because each client is unique, we believe in a tailored-to-you approach. That said, every digital project follows a general framework, setting us up for a successful, meaningful, and long-term engagement with clients. This is something we’ve been perfecting for over 10 years now.

No matter what we’re working on, our focus boils down to this: tell your story the best way possible.

We’ve heard magicians never reveal their tricks, but we’re going to make an exception just for you. Here’s a look at the Makeway process in action.