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Cobblestone Capital

More than a wealth manager. A trusted partner.

Services: Design, Development

Leave no stone unturned.

How we helped:

With the support of a strategic partnership by Mill+Co, we took Cobblestone Capital’s website to the next digital level. We focused on brand cohesion by creating a website that matched the new print collateral pound for pound. The new website was designed to inspire individuals to choose Cobblestone Capital over the competition by making their services clear and engaging.

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A tailored and multidisciplinary approach.

By simply working off of their name, we established a creative aesthetic that was distinct and unique. We also created abstract Cobblestone elements that supported copy and visuals which subtly helped reinforce that financial security takes an entire team to do properly.

“Makeway acted as a true extension of our team and strategic partner, redesigning a 10+ year old website into a highly functioning, professionally and beautifully branded, user-friendly platform.”

Rachel Ballatori, Mill + Co., LLC Founder, CEO