Play Reel


A brand built for everyday adventures

Services: Design, Consulting

Inspired by wanderers, adventurers, makers, and dreamers.

How we helped:

Makeway led a holistic brand refresh to capture the way Nalgene’s bottles and containers fit any lifestyle. As Nalgene’s brand agency, Makeway managed website design and development, graphic design, art direction, photography, and brand identities. We even created bottle designs and stickers!

Campaigns to tell every story.

How we helped:

Makeway led a variety of successful campaigns, from marking Nalgene’s 70th Anniversary to launching the Nalgene Sustain bottle line.

Email marketing to drive engagement.

Makeway designed weekly branded emails to engage Nalgene’s target audience. This campaign incorporated original photography, copywriting, and illustrations from Makeway and other agencies Nalgene partnered with.