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Nalgene Simplicity Campaign

We made it simple. You made it yours.

Services: Design, Campaign Creation, Tagline Creation

Every Nalgene bottle
tells a story.

How we helped:

For over 70 years, Nalgene has been making simple, sustainable, reliable products. In an increasingly chaotic world, Nalgene decided to own being simple. They wanted a message to convey the simplicity, functionality, and reliability of Nalgene products. Makeway engaged with the passionate fanbase of the brand to showcase how a simple water bottle can mean so much to them.

User generated content from a passionate community of fans.

How we helped:

In order to get the Nalgene community involved in this campaign, Makeway launched a contest through a landing page, email marketing, and social media ads. After sifting through the entrants, a handful were selected for the campaign. Makeway facilitated relationships with the participants and instructed them on how to create the content needed. Unique questionnaires were created for each participant and their answers appeared throughout the campaign.

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