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Nalgene Simplicity Campaign

Master storytelling, in the hands of customers.

Services: Design, Campaign Creation, Tagline Creation

Every Nalgene bottle
tells a story.

How we delivered results:

Nalgene has been making simple, sustainable, and reliable products for over 70 years. In an increasingly chaotic world, Nalgene decided to own its simplicity with a message that conveys functionality and reliability. Makeway crafted a campaign to connect with the brand’s passionate fanbase, showcasing how a simple water bottle can mean so much more.

User-generated content from a passionate community of fans.

How we delivered results:

Makeway launched a contest to get the Nalgene fanbase involved and excited in the campaign. A few entrants were selected to answer unique questionnaires, with the best responses appearing throughout the campaign landing page, email marketing, and social media ads.

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