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Digitizing an Innovation Center

Services: Consulting and Development

Interactive experiences at just the right time.

How we delivered results:

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented clients from connecting with Purina in person, so we transformed a physical experience into a digital one. Alongside WD Partners, we developed an interactive, engaging tool to directly connect with customers.

image of purina touchscreen "feature 'new' items on treats, dry & wet page" with a shot of their website 
picture of a screen surrounded by purina items. The screen is touchscreen with a puppy and different buttons to "learn more"
image from a Purina touchscreen "how might we help pet owners find what they're looking for? tap to begin"
image from a Purina touch screen "Tap a market to learn more about localization"
walking black cat gif  
gif of a purina touchscreen. a cursor clicks on a menu option and various other options come up. during this a cat is walking across the screen at the bottom