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Safe digging starts here

Services: Naming, Branding, Website Design and Development

A new name offered necessary clarity and brand structure for the general public.

What our research uncovered:

During stakeholder interviews, Makeway deciphered that a new brand identity would be seen as a positive change for the organization and that the original name “Dig Safely New York” did not do a sufficient job addressing the brand’s internal and external communications issues. After obtaining approval, we then began the process of researching the national trademark database (TESS) and brainstorming new names.

Makeway started working on design concepts leading to the finalized mark below, once the new name, UDig NY was approved.

Green capital letter U showing what U stands for 
Image showing various shots of the UDig NY website showcasing brand standards
Image of two different styles of the UDig NY logo
Image of a dark grey shirt with UDig logo on the top right
Image from UDig NY website "Safe digging starts here" with grey background, font is in white but "here" has a greenish background to stand out
UDig NY logo
Image of UDig NY branding on letterhead, postcards, pens, business cards, and envelopes

We elevated the standard for national one-call-centers

How we delivered results:

By leveraging our extensive knowledge of UDig NY’s target audience, we designed a new website that showcased their new brand and provides a seamless user experience to obtain necessary information about proactively preventing underground damage.

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screenshot of UDig NY mobile site with hamburger style menu and page hero
screenshot of UDig NY mobile site with hamburger style menu and page hero
A redesigned brand experience for the general public.

Whether it’s a professional excavator or an independent homeowner, the audience who interacts with UDig NY is first and foremost, interested in a digging project. Our website design caters to their needs without compromise.

Shot of full UDig NY homepage 
Shot from UDig NY website "Safe digging starts here" with two drop down selector forms below it
Image from UDig NY website with a pop up "Most viewed topics to get you started"
UDig NY’s rebranding efforts resulted in earned media coverage with an estimated value of $180,000. Additionally, the website received the highest number of web location requests in its history.