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12.31.20 - Makeway Culture

Seeing with 2020 Vision

illustration of a man looking into a full length mirror. He sees himself wearing a face mask and the mirror says "2020"

A challenging, disruptive—and illuminating—year in digital marketing.

This year’s been one for the history books.

We’re living through one of the most disruptive experiences imaginable, as COVID-19 changes the way we communicate, exercise, relax, educate our kids, and work.

This time last year, you were probably sitting in an office. Now, there’s a 50% chance you’re reading this at home in your pajamas between Zoom calls. That’s okay, we’ll let it slide (because there’s a 100% chance this post is being written in sweatpants).

It’s been a tough year for pretty much everyone. But, with the right attitude and the willingness to adapt, it’s possible to come out the other side stronger and more prepared for the business environment of the future.

While there’s plenty of stress, confusion, and exhaustion, we’re looking at the glass half full.

We’ve found that the year has sharpened our focus and clarified our understanding of the world.

You might say the year 2020 has given us… 2020 vision

Digital Necessities

We can’t mention the sea change in how work is being done without talking about the massive shift to digital.

Organizations were already making significant investments, then the world quickly learned that a strong digital presence is no longer a “nice to have.” Video conferencing became a daily occurrence in 2020. QR codes became the norm for ordering at restaurants. And, perhaps for the first time, you may have visited with your doctor from the comfort of your living room.

Through this incredible transformation to a digital-first world, we’re humbled to be a source for guidance by creating great websites, touch screens, mobile applications, and more. Whether it’s developing an interactive digital sales-training tool or building a seamless, contactless mobile restaurant ordering platform, we believe these aren’t one-off investments in trends but rather necessary responses to a revolution that will last well beyond the current crisis.

Black Lives Matter

Another key issue illuminated in 2020 has been that of systemic racism and inequality.

We know that for an industry working to help clients communicate their values, agencies must do a better job of looking within our own organizations to instill change.

Our team is devoted to building a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. This fight to combat racism is an ongoing one that should extend not just through 2020, but in perpetuity.

black image with text that reads "black lives matter"
Investing in Teams

The year 2020 really underscored the need for companies to invest in their employees.

Work-life balance has never been more important than during the coronavirus crisis. With everyone stuck at home and forced to blend their personal and professional lives, employees should feel their time is valued. They should feel like they’re able to take care of themselves and their families while meeting their work obligations.

It’s not easy to maintain the same camaraderie and culture of an organization when everyone’s working remotely, but it’s possible to bond and support each other in new, creative ways.

As we headed into the uncharted waters of coronavirus lockdowns, Makeway brought on a certified counselor to talk with our team members and ensure everyone was fully supported through a challenging environment.

We’ve also provided our team members with a free Master Class membership, just to encourage them to pick up a new hobby—like, say, cooking…

These efforts don’t come at the expense of productivity and, in fact, they enhance it. Everybody wins.

Investing in employees is simply the right thing to do.

Putting a Bow on It

We don’t know about you, but 2020 has felt like an eternity.

Still, we’re reenergized to be heading into 2021 with momentum. To continue the things we’ve done well, and to improve where we can.

It’s a journey, and we know we’re never done learning and growing.

Someday, we’ll recall how our business survived and thrived through a global pandemic, and how we served as a source of stability for others in a time of instability. We couldn’t be more grateful to those who’ve entrusted us with their brands during such a tumultuous period (and, really, over the course of our 10 years in business).

Let us know: what are you seeing in 2020 vision after this year?

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