The Makeway Process

How the Magic Happens

Making a nice website or designing a touch screen is not as easy as saying abracadabra. That’d be cool though…

In reality, a lot of thoughtful planning and hard work go into any digital project. And, for as much pride as we take in the final product, we feel the magic really happens with the process.

Because each client is unique, we believe in a tailored-to-you approach. That said, every digital project follows a general framework, setting us up for a successful, meaningful, and long-term engagement with clients. This is something we’ve been perfecting for over 10 years now.

No matter what we’re working on, our focus boils down to this: tell your story the best way possible. 

We’ve heard magicians never reveal their tricks, but we’re going to make an exception just for you. Here’s a look at the Makeway process in action.


Makeway begins with a strategy session to get to know you and your needs and goals. 

We then undergo a comprehensive audit of the existing brand collateral, perform stakeholder interviews, review market research, and analyze your customer and competitors.

Our brand strategy deliverables typically include a brand description, personality traits, core values, and brand pillars.


“Hi, I’m Raquel. As Makeway’s Communications Director, I love diving in and learning everything there is to know about you and your brand. From that simple starting point, we’ll arrive at a place where your brand lives up to its potential.”



Here, we begin visual exploration and design on-brand solutions that are perfectly tailored to you and your organization. This includes brainstorming, reviewing inspiration, and presenting concept explorations.

We pride ourselves on quickly getting to these review opportunities without sacrificing quality, allowing you to provide feedback earlier in the process to ultimately reach a deliverable that is timely and on target.


“Hi, I’m Ashley. I’m a Designer at Makeway, and ideation is a big part of my job. I obviously need to make sure the work looks good, but I also ensure that it’s on-brand and meaningful to you and your customers. I’ll go through the important process of understanding who you are and what you need to accomplish.”



Now we put it all-together with production, testing, and deployment. We’ll build from the brand fundamentals we’ve established together to present your brand in a way that exceeds expectations. 

You’ll see your digital presence come to life in a whole new way.



“Hi, I’m Jon and I’m a developer. Maybe I’m biased, but I think Assembly is where the real magic happens. It’s where all of the actual content and functionality of the site is integrated with the designs—and everything starts to really come to life!”



Deploying a project doesn’t mean it’s over. Far from it. 

We continue to review and refine through audit, analysis, and adaptation, believing that great digital assets are never “done.” They’re meant to be living and breathing, and they evolve based on how users are interacting with them. As you can see from the flow chart showing our process, Elevation is an infinite loop. 

It’s like how you wouldn’t purchase a vehicle and expect to drive it around for ten years without a tune-up. Routine maintenance keeps it in perfect working order. And, while we don’t know how to change your oil, we can sure as heck maintain your digital presence.


“Hi, I’m Kevin – As Digital Director I help ensure that we’re always improving things. This could mean I’m making your application faster, driving more leads through your website, or even improving advertising copy to better communicate with your audience. No matter the solution, we analyze, audit, and adapt to improve the outcome.”



Although no two clients or projects are the same, this framework has been proven to deliver results time and again.

However a project may unfold, we’ve found the best approach is to be a true extension of your team. After all, we’re a creative agency made for you.

That’s how we generate intelligent, arresting creative that makes a difference for your brand. 

We hope it feels like magic. Because that means we’ve successfully collaborated on a seamless, effective process.