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Touchscreen Design and Development

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Exceptional design meets immersive technology


Improve your customer interactions with self-service kiosks, enhanced in-store experiences, and interactive displays. Get a return on your investment through visually compelling and user-friendly touchscreen designs.

Engage with your audience in a more meaningful way.

Touchscreens drive engagement, increase brand loyalty, and fuel growth. Immersive experiences give your customers a sense of personalization and a stronger connection with your brand, leading to more impactful and memorable experiences.

Bringing Clarity to the Shopping Experience

America’s Best Eyeglasses wanted an in-store touchscreen experience to guide customers through the lens-buying process. In collaboration with Mower, Makeway created a touchscreen experience highlighting the variety of technical features in eyeglass lenses. The touchscreen is being piloted in 16 stores with plans for a nationwide rollout.


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Turning a Global HQ into an Experience

Aramark wanted to create an interactive experience for visitors to their global HQ. In partnership with WD Partners, Makeway developed ADA-compliant touchscreens to more deeply connect visitors with the Aramark brand.


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Interactive Trade Show Displays for GAF

We helped roofing provider GAF take a digital-first approach to the trade show experience. In a strategic partnership with CNTXT, Makeway equipped GAF with over 20 custom-developed interactive trade show displays to enrich visitor engagement and understanding at their trade show booths. Prospective customers were able to interact with physical materials while seamlessly accessing video content and digital sell sheets.


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“Being a startup, it was important for us to have our designs reflect our message as a simple, easy-to-use workflow.

Makeway’s combination of skill, drive, engagement, and collaboration made it very attractive to partner with them. Our time together was well spent in establishing our new designs and generated a ton of ideas for future iterations.”

—Ragu Raman – CEO INT

Related FAQs
What is the general cost for services as well as the investment level of the total solution?

Costs vary and revolve around two main factors; hardware and scope.

For a simple touchscreen solution, all in service costs could range anywhere between
$15,000 – $30,000. For a more complex touchscreen solution with a high amount of functionality, costs typically start at $50,000+.


Estimated hardware costs for a single commercial-grade touch screen could range between $5,000 and $15,000 depending the brand, size, technical specs and additional external elements. 


Lower-cost hardware (tablets, smaller touch monitors, etc) can also be considered for some projects and typically are $1,500+ each

Are you a distributor of hardware solutions? 

No, we are not a distributor. But we partner with multiple companies who are. Makeway advises our clients on the best hardware options available based on the design, specifications, and parameters of the project. 

Hardware costs are broken out in an estimate and shown transparently without markup. 

An example of what you might expect for a complex touchscreen scope could include: 


Strategy & Research

Touchscreen Experience Design

CMS Development 

Administrative (Project Management, QA, Testing, etc.)


Additional Cost Considerations: 

Makeway On Site Visits + Travel Expenses

Estimated Hardware Costs (Touchscreen, Touchscreen Stand/Housing, Media Player)

How do you engage with ongoing service agreements? 

They’re optional. We approach ongoing service agreements with a proactive and flexible mindset to ensure that we can effectively engage and meet our clients’ evolving requirements. 


During a project:
We have dedicated project managers, developers and designers, who serve as the main points of contact for our clients to help ensure there is a streamlined and efficient communication process during a project. Our team is accessible through various channels, including email, phone calls, and slack, to maintain constant connectivity with our clients.

After a project:
We provide ongoing support to any client who needs it. Common services include:

Touchscreen or website maintenance, security updates, and audits

Design modifications or CMS enhancements/optimizations

Consulting/Strategy for design or tech-related issues

Content edits

Meetings / Emails / Calls / Coordination

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