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We build the right solutions for your unique needs, from marketing and e-commerce websites to microsites. Our custom website design and development supports your visibility and brand awareness, customer engagement and education, and lead generation and customer conversion.

Driving Customer Engagement

Genome Medical needed a cohesive brand and online presence to engage prospective customers. We refreshed brand elements and created a visually appealing, scalable, and SEO-optimized website. The launch resulted in a surge in online form submissions and partnership inquiries, representing a record-high level of engagement for the brand.


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Fostering Inclusivity

Makeway completed a website redesign to coincide with Guide Beauty’s Selma Blair partnership, highlighting a commitment to universally designed and inclusive beauty products. Aesthetically, we brightened and lifted the brand while redesigning the user experience for shoppers. The new website was launched moments before the press release announcing the brand’s partnership and helped propel a sales increase of more than 240%.


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Storytelling with Data

The Management Council and the Ohio Department of Higher Education needed a user-friendly website to display federal student aid data. In partnership with ZoCo, Makeway expertly integrated data from Tableau into WordPress to create the Ohio FAFSA Completion Dashboard with interactive charts and captivating animations. Now every school district has a straightforward, single-page view of the metrics that matter.


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How We Delivered Results:
Using our deep understanding of UDig NY’s target audience, we crafted a website that highlighted their rebrand, securing media coverage valued at approximately $180,000. UDig NY saw the highest number of web location requests in its history, a clear indicator of enhanced user engagement and website functionality.
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How We Delivered Results:
Makeway reimagined Genome Medical’s brand to account for its strategic shift toward a B2B audience. After the launch of the new website, Genome Medical received record volume of online form submissions and partnership inquiries.
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How We Delivered Results:
Hypothesis enlisted the support of Makeway in revitalizing their website with a more dynamic and intentional aesthetic. We brought thoughtful UX design to the table, leveraging a customer-centric approach to create a website that informs users about Hypothesis’ social web annotation tool and encourages them to become customers.
“Huge kudos to the Makeway team for bringing our new website to life. We’re so excited to now have an optimized user experience and elevated branding.”
—Cara Jarrett
Marketing Director
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How We Delivered Results:
“I’ve worked on many projects with all kinds of vendors, and there’s a difference between a vendor and a partner. We felt that Makeway approached this project and demonstrated the work in this project not as a vendor, but as a true partner. “
– Edward Hill, Ohio FAFSA Data Service Lead, The Management Council
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How We Delivered Results:
“The entire process with Makeway provided a great experience. Not only was their communication, service, and output top-notch, they also took the time to answer all the questions that popped up after project completion, showing just how much they cared about our success. Five stars to this crew!”
—Jess Fogal, Head of Marketing and Culture at Provide
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Related FAQs
What is the general cost for services as well as the investment level of the total solution?

Costs vary and revolve around two main factors; hardware and scope.

For a simple touchscreen solution, all in service costs could range anywhere between
$15,000 – $30,000. For a more complex touchscreen solution with a high amount of functionality, costs typically start at $50,000+.


Estimated hardware costs for a single commercial-grade touch screen could range between $5,000 and $15,000 depending the brand, size, technical specs and additional external elements. 


Lower-cost hardware (tablets, smaller touch monitors, etc) can also be considered for some projects and typically are $1,500+ each

Are you a distributor of hardware solutions? 

No, we are not a distributor. But we partner with multiple companies who are. Makeway advises our clients on the best hardware options available based on the design, specifications, and parameters of the project. 

Hardware costs are broken out in an estimate and shown transparently without markup. 

An example of what you might expect for a complex touchscreen scope could include: 


Strategy & Research

Touchscreen Experience Design

CMS Development 

Administrative (Project Management, QA, Testing, etc.)


Additional Cost Considerations: 

Makeway On Site Visits + Travel Expenses

Estimated Hardware Costs (Touchscreen, Touchscreen Stand/Housing, Media Player)

How do you engage with ongoing service agreements? 

They’re optional. We approach ongoing service agreements with a proactive and flexible mindset to ensure that we can effectively engage and meet our clients’ evolving requirements. 


During a project:
We have dedicated project managers, developers and designers, who serve as the main points of contact for our clients to help ensure there is a streamlined and efficient communication process during a project. Our team is accessible through various channels, including email, phone calls, and slack, to maintain constant connectivity with our clients.

After a project:
We provide ongoing support to any client who needs it. Common services include:

Touchscreen or website maintenance, security updates, and audits

Design modifications or CMS enhancements/optimizations

Consulting/Strategy for design or tech-related issues

Content edits

Meetings / Emails / Calls / Coordination

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