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A true partner
obsessed with
your team’s success.

As a true partner

We prepare innovative businesses for their next digital pursuit by being:


Regardless of the task at hand, we demonstrate daily the ability to think critically, convey ideas clearly, and problem-solve effectively. But do so with utmost respect and consideration to ourselves, other Makers, and our clients.

At the core of everything, we’re problem solvers. We design to meet the needs of our clients. And pen doesn’t touch paper until we’ve done our homework.

We work to inspire others and ourselves. We approach each project with a ‘made-for-you’ mindset and a desire to push the limits of what we can achieve through design and development.

Every client and every project has its own unique challenges, and we’re ready to take them on. We adapt and change our approach to be the best partners we can possibly be.

Our design and development skills are only part of our strengths. We’re true to ourselves and never pretend to be something we’re not. We’re a group of people who love what we do, are who we are, and nothing else.

Great work doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We work with clients and partners who want a seat at the creative table, who are willing to step out of their comfort zone, and who truly believe that good ideas can come from anywhere.

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Meet the Makers.

a black and white photo of greg, a man with light hair and glasses who is looking pensive Memoji of Greg, Caucasian male with blonde hair 
Greg Cunneyworth

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Memoji of Josh giving a fist bump, caucasian man 
Josh Lowery

Co-Founder and CEO

kevin Memoji of Kevin, Caucasian male with brown faux-hawk and square glasses
Kevin Siebert

Digital Director

a photograph of Andy standing in front of two paintings a memoji of Andy
Andy Hellmuth

Director of Strategy

Kate Memoji cartoon of brown haired woman with glasses, Kate
Kate Coleman

Developer & Process Coordinator

Victor Deras cartoon version of Victor Deras
Victor Deras


Robbie Cartoon version of Robbie
Robbie Lund


Buffy Esslinger


Kelly memoji of Kelly 
Kelly Choi

Digital + Motion Graphics Designer

Digital Designer Cindy Smiling  Cartoon version of Digital Designer Cindy
Cindy Phan

Digital Designer

Portrait of Danielle, Dark blonde haired Caucasian woman wearing glasses a me-moji of Danielle
Danielle Brooks

Sr. Project Manager

Samantha Polizzi

Project Manager

evan memoji of Evan, caucasian man with light brown hair behind a laptop
Evan Weese


white dog with its tongue out, Berkley brown and white dog memoji cartoon

Director of Naps

Interested in joining the Makeway team?

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