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America’s Best Eyeglasses

An in-store touchscreen to take customers through the lens-buying process.

Services: Design, Development, UX, Consulting

Demystifying the lens selection experience to help customers make better buying decisions.

A New Lens on Retail Touchscreens

In collaboration with Mower, Makeway crafted an enhanced in-store customer experience by highlighting available features in eyeglass lenses. By focusing on various technical aspects, the user can be better informed about their options before making a purchase.

The touchscreen is currently being piloted in 16 America’s Best stores in select regions, with a plan to expand nationwide.

a woman standing in front of a touchscreen
a woman interacting with a touchscreen
a woman interacting with a touchscreen
a woman interacting with a touchscreen
Clear Vision, Clearer Choices

The user interface designed by Makeway provides an intuitive and educational sales experience with clear visuals that effectively demonstrate eyewear options for customers looking to make a purchase. The on-brand design seamlessly integrates with the store making it a powerful sales tool.

a touchscreen
a touchscreen
“Thank you all on the Makeway side for partnering so seamlessly with us to bring a beautiful solution to the pilot stores.”


Jeff Hopper, Creative Director