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Revel Woods

A disruptive hardwood e-commerce platform

Services: Naming, Branding, Design, Development, Packaging

Disrupting retail norms in the premium hardwood industry

How we helped:

Revel Woods worked with Makeway to create a custom e-commerce platform that reaches a younger, digital audience in the residential flooring industry. We built algorithms to find the right product for customers based on zip code, climate, & house type. The platform includes an advanced back-end with lots of custom features for checkout, shipping, and taxes.

Additionally, Makeway provided the name and visual identity for Revel Woods to help launch this new brand with a unique selling proposition.

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“In its current state, buying hardwood over the internet is tough for the consumer and design community, so we wanted to remove those barriers and make it easy enough to be desirable.”

John Dupra, Revel Woods