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03.05.21 - Development

RefleXion: Elevating a Med-Tech Company’s Sales Process

shot from RefleXion website "We're Lighting Up Cancer" with a machine in the background

Does your company rely on disjointed conversations and file sharing that runs through platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive? You’re not alone.

The good news is, it’s possible to totally reorganize around a customized platform to streamline communications, engage with clients, and drive sales. It just takes some creativity and digital know-how.

That’s where Makeway comes in.

Biden saying "we know how to do this."
RefleXion Client Engagement Hub 

Take, for instance, our fully customized, highly functional HUB for RefleXion.

The California-based med-tech company manufactures the RefleXion X1 used to treat cancer. That’s some serious technical expertise.

As a growing company, RefleXion was looking to develop innovative solutions to support their sales teams. The sales team needed a solution that was organized, intuitive, and would allow for engagement between them and prosecutive clients.

Enter “The HUB.” It’s not just a platform for organizing documents. It’s an experience that helps nurture prospective clients and conveniently puts everything in one easy-to-use location.

Side note: Check out our latest video for more ideas!

You’ll recognize a lot of these solutions in your personal life as an online shopper and overall digital consumer. Delivery options, for instance, are taking on heightened importance, so website designs should reflect that. Tradeshow touchscreens and interactive displays should replicate in-person experiences in a digital space. The conveniences customers are asking for during the buying process include AR “try before you buy,” 1-Click add-to-cart and buy buttons, and detailed shipping updates. Ultimately, customers want to shop online more than ever, so organizations should do everything in their power to facilitate that.

And, oftentimes, consumers expect solutions they don’t even know they need. It’s like how Steve Jobs created digital tools, like the iPod, iPad, and iPhone, that people didn’t really know they needed until they got their hands on them. It’s also how Amazon changed the entire consumer purchase experience with one-click “buy now,” Amazon Go cashless stores, and more.

“The Makeway team is personable and super smart. I’ve felt very comfortable introducing them to the client and having them be an extension of us.”

— Leire Bascaran Co-founder of Helen & Gertrude

Ultimately, convenience is the biggest win. RefleXion’s new HUB allows all members of the cancer team to access the information they need, when they need it. These stakeholders get a direct line of communication to RefleXion’s sales representative through a chat function that integrates with RefleXion’s Slack channel for quick and convenient replies.

Additionally, RefleXion can leverage notifications and a sophisticated backend that allows them to automatically notify HUB users of new materials as they become available.  Each section has a variety of downloadable assets and provides the ability to easily share assets with colleagues for review – all personalized to their institution.

This is where a lot of customization came into play. We made it easy for RefleXion to manage the content and have visibility into user actions on the site. Because, ultimately, that’s what matters: putting control in the client’s hands.

Reflexion website page

But that’s not all! We’re excited to continue working with RefleXion on additional innovations, like “The Academy,” a learning management system that allows knowledge to be shared with research partners.

These projects are the result of a successful collaboration on the award-winning website. In partnership with creative agency Helen & Gertrude, this website won:

Together, these digital solutions have literally changed the way RefleXion interacts with its stakeholders.

How about you? Does your system need some work? Are you running into frustrating, error-prone, or inefficient workflows? Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to listen and discuss solutions!