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02.24.21 - Makeway Culture

Introducing: Makeway’s Advisory Board

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It’s no secret that Makeway was built on the fly.

We’re not shy about the fact that our founders met on Craigslist and started a partnership called We Make Nice Websites that was based out of a Starbucks for six months. Thinking back, it’s amazing how far we’ve come in 10 years.

We’ve blossomed into an award-winning digital-first agency that works with iconic brands like Aramark, Nalgene, Purina, and Nationwide Insurance. We’re incredibly proud of where we are as a company.

But, like anyone who’s playing the “Infinite Game,” we’re also humbled and excited by the growth that lies ahead.

In that spirit, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve brought on a kick-ass team of advisors to shape the future of Makeway.

With diverse experiences and perspectives from a variety of business sectors, these board members will support Makeway through strategic analysis and consultation. They’ll be a sounding board. And they’ll hold us accountable for high-level objectives. They’ve accomplished so much in their careers and we are honored they’ll be supporting us in doing the same.

Without further ado, here are Makeway’s new advisory board members:

team photo of Herby, man smiling with circle background
Herby Duverné

Herby is the CEO of Windwalker Group, a custom learning and training solutions, physical and cybersecurity company in Boston, Massachusetts. He leads the company’s growth with a focus on external branding, sales and marketing initiatives, and a commitment to sustained superior client service.

Team photo of Stephanie, smiling woman with blue circle background
Stephanie Stilson, PhD

Stephanie is a cognitive developmental psychologist at Diversified, a full-service systems and media technology provider headquartered in Kenilworth, NJ with 50+ locations worldwide. She is an EMBRACE® Strategist who consults on the ‘human factors’ that help shift behaviors and mindsets – allowing people to more effectively embrace their new technology solutions to achieve measurable outcomes.

photo of Kamal with blue circle background, man with dark hair and a mustache
Kamal Gautam

Kamal is a senior Healthcare Strategist and entrepreneurial leader from Toronto, Ontario, Canada with extensive experience in strategic planning, corporate development, and operations. He is recognized for leading companies through start-up phases and exits and advising multibillion-dollar clients in the health services and pharmaceutical sectors on corporate growth strategies, investment decisions, and operational issues.

portrait of Chris on blue circle
Chris Lyons

Chris is a self-employed business owner and award-winning illustrator who has been a supporter of Makeway since its founding 11 years ago. He is a college professor and owner of Creative Career Starter, helping design graduates along their career paths. Chris’s work has been featured in publications such as The New York TimesForbes, and Condé Nast.

Please join us in welcoming these incredible changemakers to the Makeway advisory board. Considering the way they’ve shaped their own careers and communities, Makeway has a lot to be excited about.

As we’ve said before, Makeway will continue to evolve. And with team members like these, we’re confident in saying the best is yet to come.

Herby Duverné Stephanie Stilson, PhD Kamal Gautam Chris Lyons