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Genome Medical

A digital transformation for more B2B customer engagement

Services: Website Design and Development, Brand Guidelines

The goal was to create a cohesive brand system across all touchpoints.

What our research uncovered:

During interviews with stakeholders, Genome Medical saw the potential to broaden its collaboration with Makeway. They wanted to use the research, strategy, and progress achieved during the Website Discovery project to improve Genome Medical’s global brand. The research was also used to enhance other aspects of the brand, in alignment with the decisions being made for Genome Medical’s digital presence, like a refreshed color pallet, custom icons, and brand elements.

A brand refresh and a premium website.

How we delivered results:

Genome Medical wanted to improve its online presence and engage more effectively with its customers. They needed a website that was not only visually appealing but also scalable, SEO-driven, and could serve their customers efficiently. To achieve this, Makeway provided consultation services to Genome Medical, assisting them in consolidating, redirecting, and decommissioning a second brand they had acquired with minimal impact on lead generation and SEO.

Makeway also developed an understanding of Genome Medical’s goals and created a mobile-optimized, accessible, and easy-to-navigate website to fulfill those goals. The new website showcases the refreshed brand and also establishes a platform capable of handling future growth.

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Information made easy.

Our design objective was to create a renewed brand system that effectively connects and engages with the target audience, highlighting their capacity to provide programmatic care.

After the launch of the new website, Genome Medical received a record-high volume of online form submissions and partnership inquiries.