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A sophisticated website focused on converting users into customers

Services: Website Design and Development, 3D Motion Graphics

Driving Engagement and Awareness Through A Tailored Digital Experience.


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How we delivered results:

Hypothesis enlisted the support of Makeway in revitalizing their website with a more dynamic and intentional aesthetic. We brought thoughtful UX design to the table, leveraging a customer-centric approach to create a website that informs users about Hypothesis’ social web annotation tool and encourages them to become customers.

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A sophisticated, user-centered website

We focused on new users by creating a visually appealing homepage with 3D isometric design to enhance product understanding. We also added engaging 3D graphics and CTA buttons to boost engagement and session duration.

The outcome: a sophisticated user-centered website that converts visitors into customers for Hypothesis.


“Huge kudos to the Makeway team for bringing our new website to life. We’re so excited to now have an optimized user experience and elevated branding.”

—Cara Jarrett
Marketing Director