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Ohio FAFSA Completion Dashboard

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Delivering data in an intuitive, user-friendly website.

How we delivered results:

Makeway developed the Ohio FAFSA Completion Dashboard for The Management Council and Ohio Department of Higher Education, in partnership with ZoCo. Utilizing ZoCo’s user-friendly design, we constructed a website that surpasses its predecessor in terms of speed, data presentation, and ease of use. The upgraded website features interactive charts, captivating animations, and data that are easy to understand.

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Our team expertly integrated data from Tableau into WordPress to create visually appealing charts while making sure the user is seeing up-to-date data on their school district’s FAFSA completion information.

Now a school district has a simplified single-page view of important metrics that paint a clear picture of their progress.

“I’ve worked on many projects with all kinds of vendors, and there’s a difference between a vendor and a partner. We felt that Makeway approached this project and demonstrated the work in this project not as a vendor, but as a true partner. “

– Edward Hill, Ohio FAFSA Data Service Lead, The Management Council