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06.08.23 - Marketing

Unleashing the Power of Discovery Sessions: A Game-Changing Partnership

3 types of discovery sessions are depicted as illustrations. Opportunity Based, Goals Oriented and Brand-centric.

Establishing a unique and memorable brand has become crucial. With countless companies vying for consumers’ attention and loyalty, it’s essential to define your brand’s identity and positioning in a way that sets you apart from the crowd. However, the process of problem-solving and decision-making internally can be a complex, frustrating, endeavor.

Enter the discovery session.

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What is Discovery?

The discovery process involves a series of workshops aimed at reviewing your digital presence and overarching brand, strategizing to address your unique needs, and charting a course for your future. You can think of it as a compass for guiding you in the vast digital ocean.

Before embarking on a discovery session, it’s essential to understand whether it’s the right fit for your brand, what the process entails, and what you stand to gain.

Who Should Consider Discovery

Discovery sessions can be beneficial for a wide range of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and from those with a clearly defined problem to those struggling to make heads or tails. At Makeway, we’ve assisted a diverse set of clients, including:

Whether you’re planning a new website, touchscreen, or digital tool, or you’re looking to refresh your brand but lack a clear roadmap, a discovery session can provide the clarity and direction you need.

Whether you’re planning something new or looking for a refresh, a discovery session can provide the clarity and direction you need.

How Discovery Sessions Work

At Makeway, our discovery process is led by our Strategy Team and includes:


We’ll use Miro boards to collaborate with you and identify:

Why Discovery Sessions are Valuable

With discovery sessions, you can establish brand guidelines and implement those in practice, influence your marketing strategies, establish KPIs, and adjust your approach to websites, touch screens, and other digital tools.

The outcomes of a discovery session are tangible and actionable. You’ll walk away with:

A Game-Changing Partnership

Ambiguous challenges around your brand or digital strategy can feel like navigating uncharted waters, but you don’t have to go it alone. A third party like Makeway brings a unique perspective and valuable experience to find the best way forward.

Regardless of the reason you choose to do it, a discovery session will help provide clarity on your brand, digital experience, or strategy. It’s a valuable exercise in and of itself and, what’s more, it can be an important first step toward your next transformative project.

To see if an accessible and efficient discovery session is right for you, reach us at [email protected].

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