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JULIE Kids Microsite

An interactive educational website for grade-school students

Services: Strategy, Design and Development

Custom-built activities, games, and interactive designs educate and engage a young audience.


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From Concept to Reality

JULIE wanted a unique way to expand their educational offerings for kids. Through strategic workshops, Makeway conceptualized and built a unique, engaging website that creates a fictional world for kids to explore and learn about safe digging. It lays an exciting foundation of characters, games, and activities that can continue to evolve and expand in the future.


A Captivating and Inviting Home Page

The home page of this website serves as the main hub for kids and parents. The animation and hover interactions make each page section distinct, allowing users to flow through educational content seamlessly into activities, games, videos, events, and downloads. Cute critters and friendly illustrations add to the charm and warmth of the website.

A screen capture of the JULIE Kids Educational Website Home Page
Digging into the Fun

The Makeway team created a custom spot-the-difference game. The one-of-a-kind designs incorporate digging animals native to Illinois as well as utility pipes and flags. Sound effects and animations add to the fun, while multiple levels of difficulty scaffold the activity so it may be enjoyed by several age groups.

Play the Game

A spot-the-difference game and coloring book page offer two unique experiences for kids to engage.