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A dynamic custom website with engaging animations

Services: Consulting, Website Development

We brought to life a dynamic custom website that integrates with third-party APIs.

How we delivered results

Provide needed a partner to build them a custom HubSpot website that would both distinguish them from competitors and be easy for their team to update and maintain. Makeway, in collaboration with ZoCo Design, delivered just that.

We translated an engaging design into a unique website that is fully editable, to make website updates simple and highly customizable while preserving their existing product pages and providing a unified experience. We also integrated third-party APIs to help bring Provide’s most valuable resources, like their podcast, to their new website.

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Custom and Convenient

We built custom modules to bring the design to life and integrated all of them into the backend, so they are easily editable by the clients. Even modules with animations can be edited easily in the CMS.


Consulting throughout the design process kept the multi-agency project in scope and on time.

Collaboration Experts:

Makeway leveraged our expertise as consultants during the design phase, which set us up for success during development. With strategic collaboration, clear communication, and a true team spirit, we met the goals of Provide and we took this project from vision to reality.

“The entire process with Makeway provided a great experience. Not only was their communication, service, and output top-notch, they also took the time to answer all the questions that popped up after project completion, showing just how much they cared about our success. Five stars to this crew!”


Jess Fogal, Head of Marketing and Culture at Provide